Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodologies with Neil Benson

Neil Benson
Neil Benson

Dynamics 365 Implementation Methodologies


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In This Episode

  • Overview of the different methodologies used in Dynamics 365 Implementations
  • Using Agile on Dynamics 365 Projects
  • Community Question: How do you decide the right methodology for the implementation? Agile/Waterfall/Hybrid. – Andre Margono
  • Community Question: Implementation approaches for version upgrades? (E.g. like for like and enhancements)? – Andrew Ly
  • Community Question: Common pitfalls of certain methodology & lesson learned? – Andre Margono
  • Community Question: Can fixed fee delivery work on a Dynamics 365 project? – Joel Lindstrom
  • Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step
  • Community Question: How relevant is SureStep in today’s climate? – Andrew Ly
  • Community Question: What is the difference between Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step and Microsoft Lifecycle Services in your view? – Mohamed Gomaa
  • Community Question: Can you use Microsoft Lifecycle Services for Dynamics 365 Deployments as you can for Operations? – Mohamed Gomaa
  • Community Question: What are the techniques have you found most successful to map business processes you get from customers? – Nadeeja Bomiriya
  • Community Question: Have you used XRM Metadata tools from (https://www.xrmtoolbox.com) for Dynamics 365 and have you found it's useful for redundant entity analysis? – Prash Sinha
  • Community Question: What is the best way to categories work items (tasks to be completed by the team members) for features? – Nadeeja Bomiriya
  • Community Question: What are best practices when taking over a project mid-way through with incomplete documentation? – Prash Sinha
  • Community Question: What have you found works from a best practice point of view when it comes to toolsets for implementations? (Visual Studio, Jira etc.) What else?  – Andre Margono
  • Community Question: What best practices have you seen in change management and overcoming user resistance? – Peter Schmidt
  • Community Question: Human Centred Design: A consultative approach – Muhammad Asimuddin – LinkedIn post (Empathy in implementations) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/human-centred-design-consultative-approach-muhammad-asimuddin
  • Community Question: What would you consider to be the main drivers of methodology choice?
    • eg. would any of these factors inform your choice?
    • project size, public vs private, industry, organization size, client organization’s approach to / experience level of change management. – Anton Wilson

Neil has 10 years’ experience starting and leading successful Customer Engagement practices in the UK, US and Australia.
With 15 years’ experience, he is a specialist at winning, envisioning and delivering CRM projects that provide clients with amazing results.
He has been practising agile CRM software implementations using Scrum since 2009, and is certified by both the Scrum Alliance and Scrum.org and has published online courses on Scrum for Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Neil has received the Microsoft MVP award for Business Solutions since 2010 for his contribution to the CRM community. He has spoken at numerous user groups and conferences and has published two CRM books.

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