Getting on AppSource – Daniel Hesketh

Daniel Hesketh
Daniel Hesketh

Getting on AppSource – Daniel Hesketh


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In This Episode

  • Creating Add on’s, Product types and benefits that the customer sees 
  • The Why and ‘how to’ of creating Dynamics add-ons 
  • Tips when creating Dynamics add- ons 
  • Challenges when creating add-ons 
  • What flows when working with Microsoft Partners 
  • Steps from ideation to sale as an ISV 
  • Different listing types on AppSource 
  • Design specifications you should take into account when developing your product 

Dan is a passionate Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution architect and functional developer currently working in Melbourne, Australia. He leans towards UI & UX design , end-user facing training and all associated technologies used to assist with user-adoption. He has been involved in database and CRM projects as varied as they come. 

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