The exciting Life of Julie Yack

/The exciting Life of Julie Yack

When I was at Convergence I started a little project to interview some of the Dynamics CRM MVP’s.  It was my first attempt at carrying out Video interviews and you can tell by how much the camera shakes from time to time.

Julie Yack

MVP Profile:




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  • I never thought you’d get round to editing and publishing these, Mark. Well done. I look forward to many more in the series (although I suspect we’ll both need subtitles in my interview so the audience can understand us). And great job Julie too, especially to her and David for their work on *** ***.

    • Yes its a lot of work but should see them posted over the next few weeks… I have about 8 ready to go now. Thanks for adding the link above as you can see not spelt quite right in Video 🙂

  • Julie Yack

    Thanks Mark, looking forward to a great series.

  • Gus Gonzalez

    “New Zealand” – I see what you did there Julie.

    For the record Neil – There is absolutely no way Mark will finish editing all the stuff he recorded during Convergence 2014 before Convergence 2015.

    I think he had to buy 2 extra 1-TB hard drives just to transfer the videos from the 187 memory sticks he used during the conference. 🙂

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